Asbestos Testing & Consultancy in West Yorkshire

Cement sheets were one of the most commonly-used roofing products containing asbestos, particularly for garage roofs. However, due to conclusive research into its deadly health risks,the use of asbestos has since been banned in the UK. That doesn’t mean there aren’t still buildings out there with asbestos roofing, though.
You will need to keep these WTNs for a minimum of two years, and be able to produce them if required by an officer of the Environment Agency or Wiltshire Council. For more information, we have produced a leaflet to help you manage your business waste which can be found in the downloads section of this page. You also need to keep records to show that you are complying with your duty of care. asbestos removal huddersfield If you cannot evidence how your waste is being managed and disposed of you are committing an offence and may incur a fixed penalty notice or potentially be taken to court. To make an appointment, contact the relevant recycling centre below between 10am and 4pm to arrange a time and date to dispose of the asbestos. Unused medication should be returned to a pharmacist for safe disposal.

Many people will be wondering what the cost of removing asbestos near me will be but it is not a fixed rate as a range of variables have to be taken into account. After you've called us, an expert will come out to evaluate your house. You need to steer clear of unsettling the asbestos to ensure no damage is triggered. Just talk to us and we'll be more than pleased to help go over the problem with you.
The work follows routine health and safety inspections by Bradford Council since it acquired the property. Site safety is maintained throughout the whole asbestos removal process. He added that when officers asked to see certain paperwork, such as health and safety assessments, staff were unable to produce them.

Asbestos refurbishment surveys and asbestos demolition surveys should be undertaken as and when information is required to enable the proposed works. However, it is a legal requirement to "manage asbestos" in all non-domestic premises. This is detailed under Regulation 4, Duty to manage asbestos in non-domestic premises - Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012. When determining how much an asbestos survey costs some factors such as the type of building, the use of the building, the size of the building (square metre/square foot) and the age of the building need to be considered. If you're looking to find out how much your asbestos survey in Bradford will cost, all you need to do is fill in our simple quote request form.
Creating job alerts will help you keep up-to-date with the latest demolition opportunities in Bradford, West Yorkshire. There are 13 demolition jobs within 10 miles of Bradford, West Yorkshire on right now. Contractor based in Bradford, our client undertakes large projects on a national basis.

We also undertake the role of principle contractor as and when requested. The cost of asbestos removal can vary depending upon a number of factors including the size of the problem and the material of the home. Licence to transport hazardous waste (Waste Carriers Registration Number CB/QM3548HM/A001), awarded by the Environment Agency, allowing us to safely transport and dispose of the asbestos once removal has been completed. We work for clients in the manufacturing, construction, public and private sectors, whether individual domestic properties, small businesses or large scale commercial premises. Additionally, twice a month we hold a specific in-house course for combined asbestos awareness and works with non licensed asbestos training, both refresher and full courses. For larger groups of people, there will be a group discount for the full asbestos awareness and works with non licensed asbestos training, so please contact us for a fixed price.
For nearly 20 years, we’ve been providing Bradford and the Yorkshire Area with high-quality roofing solutions. We have built up a reputable business that caters to the specific and unique needs of our clients and we’ve always had the expertise to deliver. The use of asbestos has been banned in all building structures in Britain, and in 60 other countries across the world since the year 1999. Still to this day, it is believed that approximately five thousand workers die as a result of previous exposure to asbestos – exposure as far back as the 70s and 80s. Dom fit us in at pretty short notice and conducted our asbestos survey. The findings were thorough and the whole thing was handled professionally.
We have years of experience in asbestos garage roof removal in the Leeds area and our Specialist Asbestos garage roof removal teams will handle the whole procedure from start to finish. Our qualified and experienced team undertake asbestos removal in all types of premises including domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. Our quality management system includes rigorous procedures to ensure the integrity of every asbestos survey we perform. All the asbestos surveys we perform are carried out in accordance with our ISO UKAS accreditation.

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