Avoid Service of Process

Put your documentation in date order and highlight the parts that are most relevant.
There is a four step process for working out what percentage of the property each of you should get. As a first step, subcontractors in the construction industry are advised Avoiding Service of Process to check their contract for a dispute resolution clause. If there is one, the stated processes must be followed otherwise you could be technically breaching the contract.

Service by hand involves giving the documents to a server, who gives the documents to your spouse and completes an affidavit as proof of service. A Subpoena requiring a person or entity to attend a Court and give evidence or produce documents in Court proceedings. The order for production and the subpoena, or a copy of the order and subpoena, must be served on the custodian of the prisoner along with a copy of both documents for service on the prisoner. Service of the subpoena must be carried out in the same way as in the issuing State and the order and subpoena must contain an address for service on the issuing party.
If you are told that you will not be needed at court on the day specified in the summons, but that you will be needed on another day, you must attend court on that other day. Our National Panel of Process Serving Agents sign a Principal and Independent Contractor Service Agreement. This agreement clearly sets out the required service & compliance standards required to complete your instructions. You should apply to the Family Court of Australia to make court orders by consent . This makes the agreement final and binding on each of you, which means that neither you nor your partner can make a further property claim from the other in the future. Even if all the property is in your partner’s sole name, you may be entitled to something.

If you have any questions on the issue, you should speak to your employer or to your personnel section. Under theFair Work Act 2009,your employer must pay you, for up to 10 days, for the difference between your jury allowance and your ordinary base rate of payment. Beyond 10 days, it is matter for your employer to decide whether to pay you.
You are not required to be an expert on the law or to have any other area of special knowledge. You can go home at night unless the Trial Judge requires that the jurors remain together. The Federal Court of Australia will arrange accommodation and meals, if that becomes necessary. You are contacted by the Court and told that you will not be needed at court on that day. Our compliance program ensures all Process Serving Agents maintain their licence and appropriate insurances to complete your instructions.
You must, as a juror, reach a decision based on the evidence presented in court and the directions given by the Trial Judge. Inconvenience is not considered to be a valid reason to be excused from jury service. The criminal justice system cannot work without jurors, and it is often possible for people to arrange their affairs so that they can perform jury service.

All the property owned by you and your partner, either in your joint names or in your individual names, is known as the “matrimonial asset pool”. As we don’t know whether you are or were married, or if you are or were in a de facto relationship we refer to your husband or partner as “your partner” in this legal information section. A mediator is appointed to assist both parties to reach an amicable solution to their dispute. The mediator is not the decision maker and assists the disputing parties to decide on the outcome. Consider using an alternative method to resolve the dispute such as negotiation and mediation.
You are allowed to tell your friends, family and workmates that you have been selected on a jury. However, you must not discuss details of the case with anyone except your fellow jurors and must not identify other members of the jury to any person. An individual juror can also pass a note directly to a jury officer if an issue arises which the juror does not want to discuss with the foreperson. It is a matter for you and your employer to work out whether any money you receive, by way of jury allowance, must be paid to your employer.

The Federal Court of Australia usually sits between 10.15am and 4.15pm each weekday, with a one hour break for lunch. You should attend court in accordance with the details specified on the summons for jury service. If you believe that you are disqualified from jury service you should notify the Sheriff when you reply to the questionnaire or if you receive a summons to attend for jury service. It is usually best to get a property settlement agreed, or an application made to court, before you apply for a divorce as there is a strict time limit after divorce.
You should not attend court unless and until you receive a summons that directs you to do so. Not everyone who receives a questionnaire will be summonsed for jury service. Also, if your circumstances have changed since being summonsed for jury service that impact on your ability to perform jury service, you can make a request to be excused before the Trial Judge.

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